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Dear Supporters,

I am a person who has devoted himself to juggling since 2006, improved himself with limited opportunities and transferred juggling to many people. I want to share with you one of the most important things I want to do in my life. I would very much like to include artistic and physical activities such as juggling, which contribute to personal development and help us develop skills that we will use for life, into our education system. I hope that one day I can achieve this or guide the young people who will take action to achieve it.


After many years, I have sadly experienced that juggling is not known enough in our country and is only seen as a pastime. To the best of my ability, how much juggling can contribute to personal development as well as being a means of entertainment?useI tried to convey what you provided, I continue to work.

In these years when access to information was so easy, unfortunately, it was not possible to find juggling content in Turkish a few years ago. Seeing the deficiency in this area, I prepared 50 different educational video content to publish on an online education platform and offered it for a fee due to financial concerns. In addition to not being able to reach my target audience, I realized that I was financially exploited by the training platform I received service from. Then, with the dream of reaching more people, I made new videos with my friend on YouTube.channelwe are open. Even though we came very close to the goal we wanted from here, we had to take a break for a while due to financial concerns.

Finally, I aim to make a site for myself and to reach more people by making more detailed training videos, organizing live broadcasts and free lessons on this site. I have also experienced that in order to achieve this goal, I should not have financial worries.


I would be very happy if you would like to support me in this process.

You can transfer money to my account below or support me by paying with a credit card via the form. 

Account name: EROL YILMAZ

IBAN: TR18 0011 1000 0000 0104 5197 21

Bank: EnPara

Live with juggling and stay with love.

For more detailed information about meclick here.

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